Wrong Jurisdiction

A penguin walks into a bar and asks for a tuna sandwich and a beer. He tells the stunned bartender that he is working at the construction site across the road. Weeks go by and 2016.07.25 humor penguinthe penguin becomes a regular lunchtime fixture at the bar.
     One day a circus comes to town. The ringmaster visits the bar and soon learns of the talking penguin. Amazed but skeptical, the ringmaster vows to recruit the penguin for a circus act.
     Right on schedule, in walks the penguin and orders his beer and tuna sandwich. The ringmaster strolls over.
     “Hello there,” he says. “I run the circus down at the park and I’m looking for new talent. Can I offer you a job?”
     “That big tent in the park?” asks the penguin.
     “That’s the one,” replies the ringmaster.
     “Are you crazy?” cries the penguin. “That’s a fabric tent. I do drywall!”

—From Workplace Jokes: Only SOME of Them Will Get You Fired!