ICYMI: A roundup of labor-related news.


It’s complicated. Trump is trying to woo industrial union members with a NAFTA redo that could keep more work in the US. But organized labor is being cautious about backing him. “If they want a grip and grin kind of moment over there at the White House then they’re going to have to make public commitments in the next Congress to get our support,” said [Teamsters legislative representative] Mike Dolan in Politico. ”

Trump’s threatened tariff on Canadian autos would affect American workers “massively,” Jerry Dias, head of the Canadian union, Unifor, warned on CNBC. Why? “Because 60% of all parts that go into Canadian assembled vehicles come from the United States. The number one export market for vehicles from the United States is Canada.”

Bernie Sanders is trying to force Amazon to pay workers sufficiently so that many of them don’t need to rely on food stamps. At the same time, a group of workers at Amazon-owned Whole Foods is trying to unionize, according to The New Food Economy. An email from the organizing committee to Whole Foods workers said that “... layoffs and the consolidation of store level positions at Whole Foods Market have upset the livelihood of team members, stirred anxiety.” Whole Foods told workers they have an “... open-door policy that encourages team members to bring their comments, questions and concerns directly to their team leaders.” 

United University Professions represents some 35,000 faculty at State University of New York (SUNY). On September 5, UUP announced that 98 percent of voting members ratified a six-year contract, giving workers a two percent raise each year, paid family leave and much more. “At a time when organized labor is under attack like never before in America, UUP members stepped up in record numbers and voted for our new contract,” said UUP President Frederick E. Kowal in a union press release.

And, from our friends at The Onion: “Amazon Reaches 1 Trillion Labor Violations” 



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