May Day: A Graphic History of Protest

May Day: A Graphic History of Protest

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By Robin Folvik, Sean Carleton, Mark Leier, Sam Bradd and Trevor Mckilligan

May Day: A Graphic History of Protest traces the development of International Workers' Day, May 1st, against the ever-changing economic and political backdrop in Canada and across North America. Recognizing the importance of work and the historical struggles of workers to improve their lives, with a particular focus on the struggles of May 1st, the comic includes the reader as part of this history, and the story concludes that “We are all part of this historical struggle; it's our history and our future.”

May Day in North America gained historical significance May 1, 1886, when hundreds of thousands of workers across the U.S. struck for the 8-hour day. Within the week several strikers and police were killed in shootings and bombings. This graphic history does a great job of capturing the passion, time and spirit of the era. 32 pages paperback

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