Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration

Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration

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By Jay E. Grenig and Rocco M. Scanza

A valuable resource, Fundamentals of Labor Arbitration is a great introduction to the way disputes in the labor-management setting are dealt with under collective bargaining agreements and statutes. It is particularly helpful to unionists at all levels who need to understand how this important process works.

In ten easy-to-read chapters free of legalese, you’ll find, among other helpful topics:

  • A clear introduction to each step in the grievance arbitration process;
  • Practical guidance so that advocates can participate effectively in the grievance process and in labor arbitration in particular;
  • The practical aspects of initiating arbitration, including selecting an arbitrator, conducting a factual investigation, and interviewing witnesses;
  • Planning the hearing and other procedural matters;
  • References to the statutory and case law principles that shaped labor arbitration;
  • How interest arbitration in the public sector works.

Co-published by the American Arbitration Association, the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. 176 pages paperback

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