Just Cause: A Union Guide to Winning Discipline Cases

Just Cause: A Union Guide to Winning Discipline Cases

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By Robert M. Schwartz

This 2012 book by union attorney Robert M. Schwartz, author of the classic Legal Rights of Union Stewards and several other vital resources for union activists, is the first new look at union discipline principles in decades—an invaluable tool.

Just Cause brings the classic Seven Tests for Just Cause up to date by discarding tests that have not been accepted by prominent labor arbitrators and adding the established principles of progressive discipline and mitigating circumstances. This is a book destined to be used every day by stewards, officers, and other union representatives across North America.

Among the topics covered: Fighting, off-duty conduct, negligence, sexual harassment, sleeping on the job, dishonesty, double jeopardy, disparate treatment, zero tolerance rules, hearsay, due process and last chance agreements. Indexed, illustrated. 174 pages paperback

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