The Steward’s Toolbox

The Steward’s Toolbox

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Edited by Mischa Gaus

The Steward’s Toolbox, published in 2012, brings labor activists practical advice to succeed in the day to day work of building an active, democratic union. Full of concrete examples, it’s written by shop floor leaders committed to building the movement from the grassroots. Their lessons will help you inspire members, make new allies, and kick-start your union.

The book offers eight chapters full of experience and advice on everything from how to defend past practices to how to build a successful coalition to defeating privatization. The book brings together five years' worth of hands-on steward experience from the pages of Labor Notes magazine.


“When I was a new officer in my local union, the combination of essential skills and rank-and-file vision that are the hallmark of Labor Notes were a key source of inspiration in our work to transform the local. The Steward's Toolbox continues that tradition. I'm recommending it to local officers everywhere in my union.”
236 pages paperback

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