The Lexicon of Labor

The Lexicon of Labor

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By R. Emmett Murray

This is an invaluable resource for all unionists, from rank-and-file activists to newsletter editors and webmasters to union leaders. It offers readable, informative descriptions of more than 500 key terms, places, people and events in American labor history, from explaining who the Wobblies and Knights of Labor were to reporting on the 1997 Teamster strike at UPS. It includes dozens of terms and developments and introduces a new generation to the labor lexicon.

If you’ve never quite understood all the major legislative acts affecting labor, like Taft-Hartley or Davis-Bacon or Walsh-Healy; if you need a better understanding of key labor figures like Mother Jones, Sam Gompers, John L. Lewis, Cesar Chavez and George Meany; if terms like "Boulwarism," "maquiladora" or "zipper clause" beg for explanation; if you need to know exactly when the first Labor Day parade or sit-down strike occurred, this is the book for you.

Written by veteran daily newspaper labor reporter R. Emmett Murray, a long-time Newspaper Guild activist, the book offers 30 photographs and several handy appendices. 235 pages paperback

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