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Happy Holidays2014.12.23steweekly.wreath

We wish you and yours all the best throughout the upcoming holiday season. And we hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out our bookstore where we’ve added a number of new titles!



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stew-trainingLearn the crucial fundamentals of being a union steward—quickly and easily—with the eight-part training course from UCS. Experienced stewards will find the course a great way to brush up on key skills as well. Interactive Scenario Simulators and Skills Checks put you in real-life situations to solve real-life problems. The course covers all the basics.

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This Week's Labor Video

Heaven Will Protect the Working Girl

An unexpected friendship between two Italian and Jewish immigrant girls provides the backdrop for this story of labor organizing and women’s growing activism.  While working in harsh sweatshops and factories, the young women also experienced the thrills of movies, amusement parks and dance halls.  As their numbers in the workforce grew and working conditions declined they took matters into their own hands.  In 1909, garment workers staged the “Uprising of the 20,000,” a massive strike that won union recognition and transformed the role of women in the union movement.  Watch the trailer below.

This Week's Member Tip

The Duty of Fair Representation

Suppose that your workplace is flooded by grievances and that your steward misplaces some paperwork and fails to 2013.10.28membertip-educatedprocess your grievance in a timely fashion.  As regrettable as such an oversight is, some legal cases have found that this is just “mere negligence” and is not enough to violate the union’s legal duty of fair representation.  But don’t think that the union has a free ride to decide it won’t carry out its responsibilities capably and fairly.  For example, if the reason that your grievance was not processed in a timely way by the union was because of some personal grudge against you, you would have a strong legal claim that the union violated its duty of fair representation.  Or if a particular steward or your local union in general has a pattern of failing to process grievances competently, that as well would add up to a strong claim of a breach of the duty of fair representation.

—Adapted from The Union Member's Complete Guide, by Michael Mauer